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Certified Scrum Developer® (CSD)

Certified Scrum Developer®(CSD) credential is a reflection of the holder’s technical assessment and grasp of Scrum principles. CSDs are in much demand for their specialized technical knowledge of Agile, and their commitment to continuous improvement. Our comprehensive course in CSD training helps you earn the Certified Scrum Developer credential that can demonstrate that you have a comprehensive understanding of Scrum principles, and have grasped Agile engineering skills.

Why take this Certified Scrum Developer® (CSD) Training ?

The training is in two parts. In the first part which is for two days, participants are taught the Scrum framework, principles, roles and ceremonies and how to work in the Scrum environment. Holders of the CSM credential can skip the first part and attend the 3 day CSD Technical Track training alone. The second part is the three day CSD Technical Track training that offers theory and practical sessions on actual design and code samples. This training will help you grasp concepts in a clear and practical way.
As a CSD credential holder, you will have your own profile page on the Scrum Alliance website and can use a specially designed logo to highlight your credentials.

What you will learn

  • Apply the fundamentals of Scrum
  • Set up standards and best practices for quick creation of quality software
  • Practice just-in-time development and avoid overdesign
  • Prevent any potential impediments to Scrum success
  • Write more extensible software by using object-oriented techniques
  • Support collaboration, pair programming, and cross-functional teams
  • Create software that supports an iterative process without unnecessary rework
  • Put in place better design alternatives
  • Support collaborative code ownership

Who should attend?

There is no such fixed set of target audience for the Scrum Master Certification course. It is designed not only for Scrum Masters but also for the complete project or product delivery teams and anyone interested to work with the Agile teams.

Certified Scrum Developer® certifications

This 5 day course fulfils the minimum requirements for the CSD certification. You must also demonstrate an understanding of Agile engineering practices by passing a CSD assessment provided by the trainer. The trainer will upload and pay the certification fees for students as they take CSD-track courses. If you are a Scrum Alliance member and a CSM and take a 3-day CSD Technical Track course, you will receive notification to accept your CSD license, and the CSD certification will be added to your profile. There is no need for you to apply. Your certification is good for two years. If you are not yet a Scrum Alliance member at the time of the first CSD track course, then you will receive membership for one year. After you complete all CSD requirements, as listed above, you will receive CSD certification notification. Your certification is good for two years. You must make a lifelong commitment to continuous improvement by incorporating Scrum principles and practices into your world of work.

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