Consulting means to explore and deliver the best advice to business or specific group of people working for specific field which can solve their pain points, challenges and daily issues.

IT Consulting is all about deriving new strategies and utilizing technologies for a business to grow. It helps the business to upgrade their scale from the current one. So basically, it advices the organization or the firm about how to utilize the latest ongoing technologies to achieve better results and business goals.

When there is a need for subject matter expertise along with years of exposure you need to go for external consulting. Also Candid feedback or neutral viewpoint are the outcome of consulting adoption. Specifically IT Consulting requires holistic approach of the technology as well as domain knowledge and that’s the reason its important for you to choose right consulting partners or individuals who meet these needs.


IT Consulting means, providing best advice and strategy to a business to achieve better state from their current state through the best use of current technologies. Whereas IT Services include the execution of the strategies approved and advised by the consultants or internal decision makers.

The key role of an IT consultant:

  • Scoping the Requirement
  • Design the strategy based on the requirement
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation Plan
  • Setting up Consulting Engagement Milestones & Outputs
  • Submitting Consulting Report to Customer.
  • In Advance Consulting State Further involvement of the role are
  • Execution of the defined strategy
  • Technology Adoption & Implementation Management
  • Post Implementation Review
  • Gap Assessment & Closure.

We, at TACTPRO CONSULTING provides a comprehensive range of Consulting services which covers strategy to execution. We empowering clients around the world to achieve Technology Transformation and Growth through our services that boost process and operational efficiencies.

We have skilled and experienced Consultants who are authorized to deliver subject matter and working towards the requirement of client. We provide end to end consulting in Designing, Deploying, Monitoring and Improving Business & IT processes using systematic Process Management methodology that is completely integrated with Best Practices and other proven process models.